The Story to Date


Manifest Calling began honing their musical skills in the LA rock scene of the 70’s and 80’s. Playing and performing at many of the local clubs and iconic venues like the 'The Roxy', 'The Troubadour', 'Gazzarri's', 'Madam Wong's' as well as many other music events and outdoor festivals.   

 The Brothers are Greg O'Kane (guitar, vocals) and Tony Wilson (Bass, vocals), who became fast friends on the day they first met in the parking lot of 'Music Lab Studios' in Hollywood.

Through a series of events Greg moved to and lived for many years in Dublin, Ireland where he attended culinary school, developing a reputation as a talented chef. In the mid 90's Greg changed careers to become a Certified Golf Professional while maintaining links to his culinary career, working as a restaurant consultant to the booming food industry in Ireland, all the while playing in a highly popular cover band with future members of Manifest Calling. 

In the meantime, back in LA, Tony was honing his musical skills with a number of bands in and around Southern California.  Among them was 'Last Rites', a progressive Power Trio that attained critical acclaim and was a staple on the LA Rock Scene. Like Greg, Tony traveled well and occasionally the two would hook up in various parts of the world.

Fast forward to 2015, Greg and Tony reunited once again in the 'City of the Angels' to do what they both knew to be Manifest and their Calling. joined by Amara (vocals) as well as by Trevor Cullen (Guitars & Vocals) and Tommy Leonard (Drums & Vocals) from Ireland. 

The resulting collaborations produced their first, soon to be released CD; 'Retro Rock.'  Some of the music of Manifest Calling was written 'Back in the day' and some of it is fresh and new. Influenced by bands like Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Rush, Boston, Bryan Adams. One can hear all those influences in every song.  The music and sound is raw, powerful and melodic.  Lots of guitars, vocals and plenty of energy that produces a style and technique that is both distinctive and powerful.  The 'Brothers' and their music have come full circle to meet, what they believe to be, their Manifest Calling.