Beyond the need for nourishment, is the passion for good times spent creating, sharing and exploding the senses. Musings of a life spent traveling the world cooking, eating & Rockin' & Rollin'.

I am Greg O'Kane, guitarist, singer and songwriter for Manifest Calling. Born & raised in Southern California, at the age of 18, I moved to Ireland which eventually became my 2nd home.  While there, I attended culinary school, after which I worked as a highly regarded chef for 20 years both in Ireland and the US.  During my travels to many countries in Europe and Asia, I educated myself about cooking techniques and recipes from countries spanning the globe from Ireland to Japan. During my professional career as a chef, I've held positions in restaurants, hotels and country clubs ranging from Executive Chef to General Manager at renown establishments across the globe. I was also a successful restaurant owner.

After my career as a chef & food consultant, I made a career change, certifying as a golf professional with the United States Golf Teachers Federation  where I again spent time globetrotting while teaching in that capacity. Presently I'm working out of a golf club in Los Angeles, so if you're looking for a couple tips by all means, reach out to me.

At a young age, I taught myself how to play guitar, and though I  had a reputation as a good player, playing the guitar and in bands was something I did to pacify my alter ego. However, after those years spent traveling, I returned to So. Cal. where upon reacquainting myself with friends from my days growing up in LA, the only question most seemed to ask was if I was still playing guitar? It was as if my life spent being a chef & golf professional never happened. 

So, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I took it as a sign that maybe music is something I should have pursued all along. Who knows. I'm having fun now and that's all that really matters.


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