• Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

    How it works

    Starting on Sunday April 8th at predetermined locations in Southern California, we will be hosting a outdoor cooking demos/free lunches for anyone who reserves a spot on a first come-first served basis.

    Who can have a free lunch.

    First, you must follow us on Twitter,

    where we will announce our free lunch location 2 weeks in advance. The first 20 people to Like, Re-tweet and Comment "sign me up" to the tweet will be sent a Tweet in response inviting them to the free lunch. Each invite is for 2 people, so if you are invited but plan on going solo, let us know so we can invite another person to make up the numbers. Anyone outside of the top 20 will be placed on a first come-first served standby list to be invited.

    The Details & Disclaimers

    Manifest Calling's Guitarist, Singer & qualified Chef Greg O'Kane, along with other members of the band, will host the free lunch. The free lunch menus will be posted on the calendar below, before our Twitter announcements. Overall, they will cover a broad range of international dishes, from Continental European, Asian, Latin & Americana. The items will be light, convenient to eat and plentiful. Vegetarian & non vegetarian food will be prepared. 

    Unfortunately, Food allergies and other eating restrictions cannot be catered for. We will not be providing beverages except bottled water. We will be providing music, live where possible.

    The 'Free Lunch' is a promotional exercise undertaken by Manifest Calling. By accepting our invitation and taking part, invitees have no obligations for doing so, except to agree to our terms outlined in the invitations, which states that invitee participation is free of charge, completely voluntary and that they assume all risks associated with participating in the event including, but not limited to, illness and/or injury.

    If you have attended a previous free lunch event, or missed out on being invited to a free lunch event, you may still attend any of our events as a contributor to the band fund which can be deposited into our jar. The amount of the contribution is entirely up to your discretion. Please do tweet your interest in attending as a non-invitee so that we can prepare. Wrist bands will be given to all invitees and contributors.

    You can get an overview of Greg's culinary prowess here.


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